Calvin Winchell

Calvin Winchell

Project Manager

Calvin Winchell

Often referred to as the Michael Jordan of project management, Calvin energizes his team through communication and efficiency. Using his experiences across different industries, he combines innovative thinking with a scientific approach to solve problems both near and far. The best part about working for Holland? "Everyday you are tackling new problems with the help of different people. It keeps you on your toes, and pushes you to be the best communicator, the best problem-solver, and the best manager that you can be."

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The Holland Companies share a singular commitment to total excellence. For devotees of fine craftsmanship, its level of quality and adherence to time-honored architectural traditions is unrivaled. Its combined staff of master craftsmen and design and engineering professionals shares the same concern for perfection and authenticity as it has from inception, with the ultimate focus on client satisfaction.

Management Team

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Jacqui Lajoie Jacqui Lajoie Rental Property Manager
Project Management
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Calvin Winchell Calvin Winchell Project Manager
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